Ai Auto editor
for modern video and edit styles

Revolutionize Editing

A powerful plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro & DaVinci Resolve Studio, AI AI, CAPTAIN, harnesses proprietary AI to intelligently analyze footage & automatically edit vlogs, b-roll, speech-based, live stream and podcast videos.

Vlog Editing

Take control of your narrative with AI AI, CAPTAIN's vlog editing functionality. Whether it's an immersive travel vlog, a compelling life update, or a gripping behind-the-scenes look, our AI-powered tool helps shape your raw footage into engaging narratives, just the way you want them. Our proprietary algorithms analyze your raw footage, understanding the flow and pacing of your content. Just specify your editing style and let AI AI, CAPTAIN do the rest. It captures the progression of your footage, resulting in a vlog stylized by you that resonates with viewers; all seamlessly synced to songs of your choice.

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B-Roll Editing

Amplify the visual impact of your content with sophisticated B-roll editing. AI AI, CAPTAIN. Our algorithms automatically analyze your footage, seamlessly editing B-roll clips for a powerful visual appeal. Whether you're aiming for fast paced video or a slow, rhythmic buildup, AI AI, CAPTAIN adjusts to your desired pacing, arranging your B-roll sequences to perfectly complement the musical backdrop of your choice. Experience a harmonious blend of sight and sound, resulting in an immersive, captivating edit.

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Live Streams & Podcast
Multi-Cam Editing

Perfect your talking head footage or on-camera commentary with our Speech-Based Editing functionality. AI AI, CAPTAIN navigates through your speech, trimming silences, optimizing audio, and crafting a cohesive narrative. It respects your dialogue's natural flow, ensuring the end product feels polished and professional. With AI AI CAPTAIN, make your words resonate with precision and clarity.
Extend this precision to your multi-cam podcast setup. AI AI, CAPTAIN includes auto-editing support for synchronized multi-cam editing, streamlining your podcast production process.
The Live Stream Auto-Editor identifies the most memorable and digestible parts of your live stream and isolates those clips to distribute on socials.

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Presets & Pinterest

Introducing AI AI, CAPTAIN customized to you: Load Pinterest boards that inspired your filmed footage to use as a visual references in auto-editing or scan past projects to create custom presets for future auto-edits in a similar style with the new Presets feature. Presets takes a deep dive into past completed projects of your choice, analyzing and learning your unique editing rhythm and visual characteristics. It’s not just a tool, it’s a creative partner, designed to preserve your personal touch in future projects. We're thrilled to offer early access for Presets to our Premiere Pro users on MacOS via the Download Portal now!

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